1 months old baby

Question: My baby is turning darken every day.she have jaundice.Is there any link between jaundice and skin color? How to lighten skin my baby?

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Answer: No there is no connection between jaundice and skin colour. my baby colour was also gets darker day by day but after 2 to 3 months colour will be whiter. Use massage every day with coconut oil. This is very effective and you can also apply raw milk on the face to make it white colour. This was done by me and now the colour of my baby is white.so don't take any tension.
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Question: Is there any link between fetal weight and brain development???
Answer: Hi dear surely it depends. U should keeps on getting the ultrasound done as per doctor advise to have a proper monitoring. It is important to have a proper weight gain of baby to make sure s good mental health.
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Question: My baby is 12 days old,her skin color is turning to black color. How to make her skin color as white ?suggest any Home remedies
Answer: Hello, babies to small do not worry about the skin colour as till one year of age the baby skin colour keeps on changing. pasta baby skin is too sensitive any home remedies to increase the fairness can create rashes on the baby skin . later when the baby skin is little bit matured once 4-5 months you can apply besan mixed with turmeric and milk and limit for 10 minutes and pipe with the wet cloth Or you can just use besan to make her bath. Hope this helps.
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Question: My baby skin is dark how to increase lighten skin
Answer: Hi.. you cannot change the natural complexion of  baby because it depends on parents genes. Don't use too much talcum powder and creams to make your baby fair. If you want you can use home natural remedies like haldi and besan lep. Protect your baby from sunlight. Sometime with the age also .. our complexion changes so plz focus on keeping your baby healthy.. personality matters,complexion is not so  important nowadays.
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Question: How to lighten baby color. Does anyone has any tips.
Answer: Hello To improve skintone or get a glowing baby skin u can give ur baby a good hot oil massage. Make a mild home made pack of water or milk turmeric powder and sandalwood powder. Use optimal temperature for bathing the baby.dont use soap use basan powder instead. Apply fruit puree on the baby before bath. Use a mild moisturiser. Keep ur baby well hydrated give the baby plenty fluids opt for a mild sun bath vitamin d is good for ur baby s skin. Hope I helped
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