3 months old baby

Question: My baby is three months old now. How often should I feed him during day time and night. He sleeps through out night should I wake him up and feed.

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Answer: it is very important to feel the baby every 2 hours even if the baby sleeping during the day or during the night time it is advisable to make the baby to give regular feeds as it is important for the babies proper growth and development
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Question: My baby is 17days old he sleeps through out night without waking up , should i wake him up for feeds in between? He feeds 8 - 10 times during day and has approx 10 wet diapers and he sleeps less during daytime but sleeps continously in the night without waking up
Answer: Yes do wake him up and feed with 2 hours gap.. Don't let him sleep without feeding
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Question: How do I introduce day night pattern to my son.. He is awake thru out the night and sleeps well during the day.. Thou it's noisy during the day he does not wake up and sleeps well.. What to do?
Answer: Babies tend to sleep 15-16 hours throughout the day and night, but some babies sleep more in the day and some during night time. It will take minimum 4 months for them to adjust to your sleep routine till that you need to have patience as children are like that. If babies are very cranky then during evening time you can massage them with lukewarm oil, and dim the room lights by these things he should understand and stick to sleep routine. As your baby is 2 months old so you need to wait for another 50 to 60 days dear
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Question: Hi.... my baby sleeps for 7 hour stretches during the day and is awake for the whole night. Should i let him sleep or should i wake him up for feeding. He is 3 months old
Answer: Hi dear, u can try night feeding by feeding him lying down if u think he's taking don't wake him up if he's hungry he vl take feed lyk dis only. It's good he is maintaining this sleep pattern don't disturb this routine
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