4 months old baby

Question: My baby is three and half year old...he crys alot to suck fingures...want everything is in his mouth...what should i do keep him calm...

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Answer: Hi dear, I understand Ur concern babies do it because it's calming n soothing to them  Children usually give up thumb-sucking when they find other ways to calm and comfort themselves.dont worry most babies give up soon very few continue doing it for years n most children can safely suck their thumb – without damaging the alignment of their teeth or jaws – until their permanent teeth begin to appear. Permanent teeth don't usually start to erupt until around age 6.hope it helps
Answer: Play with him, ^& do what he likes
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Question: My baby 3months old..nowadays he started to suck his fingures...what should I do??t
Answer: Hi mommy baby sucking thumb/hand is a perfectly natural, self-reliant way for a child to soothe themselves. I think people make to much of an issue about this. Thumb sucking does palette damage in extreme cases, not the average baby. And also baby who suck thumb in early age tends to sleep for 7-8 hrs and are calm by nature as they know how to sooth them self.  May be if this habit stays till 1 year of age you can try by putting some bitter  tasting thing over thumb. It works in most cases. All the best!
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Question: My son is 1 year old. He puts everything in his mouth and is biting everything? How i stop this
Answer: It's normal Yes, its okay. Babies try to explore objects by this way. Make sure to do baby proofing. Avoid any sharp objects or tiny objects near baby. Carefully choose the toys and things that you want to give ur baby. Clean her toys with damp cloth or jus wash under warm water n dry it out using cloth. Do it at the end of the day when she's done with playing n sleeps. By doin this u can prevent any kind of infection.
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Question: Hi. My baby is 7 months old. He used to put everything in his mouth. What should i do
Answer: Dear it is a phase and absolutely normal for the baby of that age to be doing this. You just need to stop and baby proof the house so that things that could be hazardous is out of reach for ur baby. My kid grew up with a dog in the house and I knoe how tough it was to keep things away which would be unhygienic and hazardous. Hope it helps.
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