8 months old baby

Question: My baby is thin not much healthy.But I use to give him 3 times lactozen,2 times cerelac,one time milk biscuit n one time rice n one time fruit. Is all this enough or should I give something else

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Answer: Hii dear if u feels ur baby is low at weight then firstly u stop giving milk biscuit and take cerelac one time only. U have to give vegetable also to ur baby with whole grains porridge. Even daal is also important to be added in baby diet list. Give ragi banana ghee sweet potato curd suji kheer . These are really good for increasing baby weight .
Answer: Hi Why don't u try some home made foods like ragi malt, mix dal powder hope it helps ur baby to gain weight
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Question: My son is 7months old.. i give him daal, rice or veg purees once every day and rest of the day formula milk.. how many times should i give him rice?? Should i give rice and cerelac once everyday?? Doctor is saying i should give 3-4times rice and 1-2times cerelac everyday!!! I am confused..
Answer: Hi dear. Babies eat very less. Don't feed then too much at a time.. babies eat 3 baby spoon maximum at a time. Feed them every two hours in small quantity. Give him milk two or three times a day
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Question: I'm giving cerelac wheat in the Morning and cerelac rice in the evening. My son is passing hard stool and is crying . Shall I give him water after cerelac ? How many times should i give him water ? And how much ?
Answer: Yes you should give water to baby. The quantity of water should be little. And it's not necessary to give water after Cerelac only, give water to baby whenever you drink water.
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Question: My baby is of 7months. I m giving him bm , rice cerelac , any seasonal fruit n in evening either milk buiscuit or cerelac. Is this diet sufficient for him. He is not at all taking formula milk.
Answer: My baby is of 7 months. He didn't pass stool for 2 days. Yesterday I had given him suji kheer ( suji roasted in ghee) . Then he passes stool twice yesterday
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