1 months old baby

Question: My baby is suffering with loose motions?? What is the solution for it

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Answer: Hi Increase the frequency of breast feeding As your breast milk is the best solution to keep your baby hydrated Cut down spicy oily, dairy products and junk food from your diet rather go for easy to digest food as what you eat reflect traces in your breast milk Babies depends on your breast milk for nutrition Milk protein contains traces of food you eat hence changes in your diet may cause loose motion in baby analyze your diet or any new addition in previous 2 days and eliminate it If loose motion last for more than a day consult your pediatrician regarding same
Answer: Aap usse rice water de, sabot dana boil kar k uska pani de Baki med me Oz syrup aati hai doc se doses confirm kar k de sakti h Milk band kar de bilkul, lecolose free milk powder aata h uska milk bana kar de
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Question: Hi.. My baby suffering with loose motions... What can I do for that please advise me
Answer: Dear if your baby is 4 months then don't worry giving breast milk is a now that will cure the baby if you are giving formula milk you can stop it for now or change it
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Question: My baby is suffering with motions what does it sign for plz answer my question
Answer: It could be due to teething or due to a stomach infection dear.. however please consult with your pediatrician and get it checked to know the exact cause dear... and treat it accordingly..
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Question: Hi my baby is suffering with cough cold and loose motions .. what should i do
Answer: Your babies choor daat is coming go to some malishwalis house and ask about this
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Question: My baby is suffering with loose motions and vomit. What should I do?
Answer: Hii dear. Stay calm. Dont  worry. It do happen. Even last week my baby also fall sick due to weather .  The first cure to loose motion is to ensure that whatever the baby puts in its mouth should be disinfected. Wash all the toys, tether etc. in a mild soap solution or dip into a disinfectant. Wash the toys in running water and then you can give to your child. Also, check whether for the baby’s playing area. Breastfed babies should be given breast milk only as it has anti-infective factors and all the necessary nutrients that will help your baby fight against bacterial or viral diarrhoea. And, also breastmilk will help ease the symptoms of the disease. Do not try any other remedies for your newborn baby or if your baby is below 6 months of age.if problem persists more than one day plz consult. Doctor.  All the best. 
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