12 months old baby

Question: My baby is suffering from motions since a week went to doctor gave two alternative days injection using ofm tonic and powder I'm worried kindly please help me out is there any remedy

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Question: My baby boy is 10 months old now teeth is coming and suffering from motions is there any remedy for motions plz tell I'm worried about that
Answer: This time no one remedy is useful but you can give teeth pain relief like calcarea phos 6x.
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Question: I'm facing headache since 3/4 hrs....is it a matter of concern... should I consult doctor....please help me
Answer: Relax first... Have some hot drink of your preference. Nothing to worry.. Divert your mind from the pain.. focus on some other thing.. try to sleep or use pain balm. It'll soon be over dear.. if it continues still for more than 3 hours consult your doctor.
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Question: I'm suffering from sciatica. From my 4th month starting. is there any possibility to be cured before my delivery please it's a severe pain can any give me advice
Answer: Dear this is caused when there is a little pressing of the nerves at the spinal cord which causes pain to the limbs you should take a warm compress and also take treatment you will get better soon don't worry.. this is treatable
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