6 months old baby

Question: MY baby is Suffering From Mosquito Bite Plzz Suggest what Shoul i kept for her

Answer: You may apply mamearth after bite roll-on, it soothes the itch and rash after the very first application. You should spray a bit of manaearth anti inset repellent on baby's clothes, pillow etc. It repellant the insects, mosquito and is made from safe compoditions
Answer: Aloe Vera: This is a natural antiseptic,and its gel is a great reliever for mosquito bites on babies. ... It will reduce the itchiness, swelling and pain due to the mosquito bite.
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    sumithra murali118 days ago

    Make sure your windows and doors have screens to keep bugs from flying or crawling inside. Cover your baby with clothes. Protect your baby with a net.

Answer: Apply coconut oil
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Question: My daughter is suffering from skin allergy when one mosquito bite her then she got pain .
Answer: Below natural home remedies for mosquito bites on babies. Baking Soda One of the best home remedies for mosquito bites on babies is baking soda which is easily found at home . Its alkaline characteristics are beneficial for restoring the pH level on the skin and reducing itchiness quickly. • One teaspoon of baking soda should be dissolved in 1 cup of water. • A clean cloth needs to be dipped in it and placed over itchy areas for about 10-15 minutes. Lemon With anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties, lemon is one of the simplest and most effective home remedies for mosquito bites on babies. • A lemon should be cut into 2 pieces and rubbed over affected areas. • Alternatively, you can use freshly squeezed lemon juice to rub over the skin. Salt Also being anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, sea salt is another effective home remedy for mosquito bites on babies which you can find immediately in the kitchen. Simply use the sea salt water to clean the skin areas bitten by mosquitoes. You can also combine garlic salt and water to get better results.
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Question: Mosquito bite what can be done for 4 month kid.home is kept clean.any home remedy suggest pls
Answer: Keep net in every window so that they don't enter the house. Best remedy is take kapoor the one we use in Mandir put that in water in a small bowl and keep applying that water in u r babies leg and hands and keep that water near your baby safe and best solution from mosquito bite
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Question: What r the remedy after mosquito bite? My baby is 6 months old and got bite from mosquito.
Answer: Calamine lotion for babies can be applied for any bite to babies... It's very soothing for them as suggested by my doc.
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