8 months old baby

Question: My baby is suffering from loose motion so which food is good in loose motion

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Answer: hi mam whenever baby is suffering from loose motion it is best to avoid giving milk and sugar so don't give milk or sugar to yeah baby for next three days you can give one time in a day . give more tender coconut water curd or buttermilk this will help to clean the stomach and also give more water that keeps the body hydrated don't force the baby to eat anything if she wished to eat you can give her a rice cereal or idli. first make her stomach to be cleaned and then you can feel heavy food item till then this is enough
Answer: Hi.. Dear babies do not have a fully developed intestine, and hence they do not absorb food very well.Therefore, it is normal for infants to pass frequent and watery stool. However, give your baby BRAT diet (banana, rice, Apple sauce, toast) only, in his meals.. Additionally, apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice in a day.. It will give your toddler some comfort..
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Question: Which food is good for babies suffering from loose motions?
Answer: Hello dear.. you can feed curd rice,buttermilk,bread,idly,muskmelon juice during motion,will be helpful
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Question: my baby is suffering from loose motion
Answer: You can make a solution with half a small spoon of salt and six level small spoons of sugar dissolved in one liter of safe water(boiled & cooled). This is the method which has been used since ages and is very helpful in treating loose motions. This(ORS) is the best loose motion medicine and is even recommended by the World Health Organization.
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Question: My baby is suffering from loose motion
Answer: Hello! Loose motions at this phase is common due to the habit to putting everything in mouth. Make sure you keep giving ors sips through out the day to the baby to keep the baby hydrated. Apart from that also give curd with banana. This helps to control the loose motions. You can also give sabudana water, dal ka pani and rice water for loose motions. Take care
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