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Question: My baby is suffering from jaundice 18 mdg.undergoing photo rheraphy

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Answer: Jaundice in new born is very normal. Phototheraphy will help reduce the bilirubin level. 18 is still considered borderline. Once done with phototheraphy, feed your baby 12 times in 24hrs. It might be difficult to wake the baby up. So make sure to change your babies diaper once every two hours. This will wake him up completely and will also avoid diaper rashes. Make sure your babies bottom is dry before putting on the new diaper.
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Question: My baby is suffering from neonital jaundice
Answer: Hello dear... Neonatal jaundice is quite common in newborns,it is caused due to increase in billrubin value,can be checked after72 hours of birth,if the value is high, doctor will suggest phototherapy for few days,don't worry dear,it will gradually decrease,since you are breast-feeding you can have more water,juice,tender coconut,and feed your baby,it Wii helps in reducing billrubin value,after discharge show your baby in morning sunlight from 7-8am,it is rich with natural vitamin D,helps a lot in reducing billrubin value and it is a great immunity booster for newborns
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Question: My son is suffering from jaundice ...
Answer: Slight yellowing in newborns eyes are normal..it's not jaundice..put few drops of breast milk in your baby's eye..the best way to get rid is undress your baby while he's awake and take him out in early morning when first rays are are there...you will see the effects within 3 days ..
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Question: Baby suffering from Jaundice..........Scared😩😩
Answer: he will be fine... Mrng sun rays dikhao... without cloths
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