7 months old baby

My baby is suffering from indigestion frequently.. his pediatrician prescribed him digestive enzymes.. but still he is not able to digest food other than breast milk. What should I do

Hv u tried himalaya bonnisan drops..It keeps digestion healthy
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    Harsha Gandhi40 days ago

    No not yet.. but ill try that. Thank you seema

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Question: From 6th month on words other than breast milk what other healthy food can we give
Answer: Rawa,boiled and mashed apple,daliya mashed,daal ka paani,Soup,khichdi
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Question: My baby is 4months old and he is not able to digest Nan pro or cow milk as I tried for 2days but he vomits I need to join work so what milk should I give other than mine
Answer: Hi dear, I am sure it happened because of cow milk. As baby below 12 months won't be able to digest cow milk because the digestive system is still not mature. You should give BM for few days and once baby has normal bowel movement then slowly introduce formula milk. All the best darling
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Question: Actually my baby is now 4 months old... N his stomach is not fully only bcoz of breast milk... Can u advice me, what can i do now... What should i give to him other than breast milk
Answer: I was giving lactogen 1...talk to dctr first... Please see home made remidies for sufficient breast milk..n it really works
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