2 months old baby

Question: My baby is suffering from cough..her nose is blocked..plz suggest me some home remedy...

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Answer: Hello dear, I can understand the discomfort and it happened with my baby as well and i used heat mustard oil with garlic cloves and ajwain, Apply on the chest and palm and feet of the baby. Give ajwain potli, heat ajwain till it turns black..tie it in muslin cloth and keep it near yr baby. Dip cotton balls in Nilgiri oil and put it in the four corners of the room.You can also add few drops of Nilgiri oil give the baby steam in a closed room.
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Question: My 8 months old is suffering from cold and cough. What should I give her. Her nose is also blocked.
Answer: Hope you are doing well.. Massage with mustard oil, put Garlic and ajwain in it.. Heat it and Massage on head, chest, back and feet, hope this helps.
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Question: My baby is 5 months old and suffering from dry cough..can you please suggest me any home remedy??
Answer: Give little honey by dipping finger in honey and make baby sip .This will help in reducing cough and I use same to my baby. Note: Don't give directly through spoon or .. it will cause problem since honey is high density.
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Question: My 1yr baby s suffering from loose motion... watery and some blood in motion...plz suggest some home remedy
Answer: Take nutmeg (jayfal) and make watery past of it by rubbing it on hard surface. Then give it to yr baby 5 ml at a time.. you can give this 4-5 time in a day. This will help in loose motion..it will not harm to your baby.
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