1 months old baby

Question: My baby is suffering cold at night time. Morning he will be normal what would be the reason and any remedy for night cold pls... he is 1 month old.

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Answer: If he has a blocked nose u can try nasoclear nasal drops. Otherwise consult dr.
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Question: Hello dr my nephew is 10 yrs old at night he make sounds ( teeth grinding)while sleeping.what would be reason for that any home remedy plz suggest
Answer: He has worms in stomach. Please go for deworming with tab albendazole. Better to consult a doctor for the safe being of thechild
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Question: Baby suffering from cold and cough..any home remedy that will work for sure pls suggest.he is 1 month old..
Answer: Hie Following are a few remedies that can help your baby . Slice up a fresh onion and keep in near your baby sulfur content in onion draws out mucus and fluid in r body . Run a humidifier through the room to help moisten the air and help baby breathe You may keep a bowl of hot water with 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil to it to help relieve congestion. Saline water drops 1-2 drops in each nostril shall help loosen up the mucus and expel it from your babys body . Add 1-2 drops of eucalyptus oil to a tissue paper and keep it near baby to help breathe . Elevate your babys head with the help of a pillow to help him breathe and drain down mucus. Add 2 spoons of ajwain to a cotton cloth heat it on a tava and check on your inner wrist for temperature is mild warm apply on your baby's chest ,neck and nose . Gently dab for 3-5 mins and cover your baby, hold him upright and gently Pat his back to break congestion. Came across a doctor who prescribe Mucolite it's an mucus thinner which works by thinning the mucos and draining it out of baby body by poop It took a 3-4 days but I'd worked The quantity would depend on the weight so would suggest consult your pediatrician regarding same . Apart from that Massage your baby with a mustard oil heated on a low flame with 4-5  garlic cloves Drain and apply when mild warm And ensure you cover him well once you massage him with the oil . Also rub oil onto his chest, palms and feets and put on tshirt, mittens and socks to trap the heat
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Question: Hi my baby is 1 month and 5 days old he got cold and he can't sleep at night and his nose will be blocked and I don't understand what to do please suggest me any medicine or home remedy.
Answer: Apply oil to nose After 15min, clean the nose with wipe. Put rinoclear spray on baby nose. Put small cotton cloth under the baby head like pillow.
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