37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby is still in breech position. Is it possible to turn baby naturally

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Answer: Yes you have chances ... During my 34th week my baby was in breech 37th week the baby has changed its position ... My Dr adviced me to put pillow under my hip and asked me to lydown for 20mins 3times a day ... It worked for me... You can consult your doctor before doing it... all the best just be relaxed everything will be fine
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Question: My baby is one month old..... there is blood discharge in her vagina...Is it normal?
Answer: Hi...yes it's normal for a baby girl to have vaginal bleeding.it happens during pregnancy when there is a sudden increase in the estrogen levels , it can stimulate the female fetus's uterus . So since she is outside the womb, she has withdrawal from the hormone she was exposed to inside . So its fine if she is having a mini period....it's a normal thing. And it will go away on it own.
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Question: my 6th month is running and in ultrasound report my baby is in breech position can any one suggest me how to change its position?
Answer: There is still a lot of time for the baby to turn the direction the baby can turn up to 36 weeks. You can ride on flat on the bed and raise your hips up in their once or twice in a day that will help
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Question: Im 28 weeks pregnant in my anomaly scan my baby position is breech tell me the solution how i can trun my baby
Answer: Babies change their position upto 34-36 weeks. Don't worry u still have lot of time. Be active and walk daily 45 min-1 hour.
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