6 months old baby

Question: My baby is staying in my hometown... now we are moving . ..im getting tensed ... because i think he feels lonely im worried

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Answer: hi dear it's must be your decision and the Yorker circumstances which is making you leave the baby in your hometown and moving out leaving the baby alone, it is definitely not easy for you but what I can suggest is that for the betterment of both of you you and the baby please carry the baby alone ur baby needs you do you have not mentioned the reason of leaving your baby behind I Would Still say that it will be easier for both of you to survive every circumstance with each other then apart . More power to you!
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Question: Hii, we are planning for baby...we are having regular intercourse...and i think my egg is ferlilizing but its not staying in my womb...becoz i used to get sypmtoms of pregnancy but periods are my on...
Answer: Sometimes it happens, me n my hubby tried for six long months since November 2017 but finally it happen on may 2018. Now i have 2 month old boy baby. Good luck for you too.
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Question: Till now im staying in my mothes home ...as I went to my home for once suddenly I felt lonely and i came back to my mummas home ..im getting fear to take care of my son because im the only one who has to take care
Answer: I do not worry initially it is possible to feel scared and nervous but slowly you will start getting habituated your baby is big not a baby in 6 months old as you mentioned and so only you will also start weaning the baby and start putting the baby on soldiers you have to keep yourself strong as it is quite possible to have a baby on your own but the only thing is you should be mentally prepared for it
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Question: Now im in 37weeks ,baby moving im feeling very good but baby kicks lessed only baby moving i feel lot ... So baby is in good condition ah
Answer: At this time your baby's kick will be less due to ur delivery date is nearer.. So dont worry your baby is in good condition.. If you want to check your baby's kick you can drink sugary water.. So you can feelbaby movement.
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