3 years old baby

Question: My baby is so lean n thin.....no weight gain. Tried everything.he lacks appetite.what do I do now

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Answer: Dear do get baby checked by doctor once for some appetite syrup and give small proportion of meal but frequently and give all kind of food to baby. In whole day make sure to give fruit, vegetables, daal ,roti, rice ,milk and egg and dry fruits...
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Question: My 2 months baby boy is still 3.2 kg.what should I do to gain his weight??
Answer: there it depends on your baby's birth weight usually babies become double of their birth weight by 6 month of age and by two months of age your baby gains only one kg of weight so don't worry keep on feeding your breast milk unless it's empty from one side because milk that contains fat comes by end of breast breastfeedingsame issue my baby also had she didn't use to gain lot of weight but after I started to feed my baby like this she gained very good weight
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Question: How can I increase my weight fast?now my weight is 38.so plz give me suggestions.
Answer: Your weight seems to be quite less dear..I hope your baby weight is fine..Well have well balanced healthy diet..take adequate water too..fruits,seasonal vegetables,proteins ,dairy etc all are important.you need atleast 300 extra calories..taking right diet would help.avoid all junk.baby grow better..unless there is any complication,tehr should.not be any issue with baby growth..so relax.
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Question: Ways to gain weight after delivery.. I have lost severe weight due to constipation n piles after delivery.. Is there a way to gain weight
Answer: Have nutrient rich foods like ghee,butter ,non veg,pulses,.etc..avoid having water just after meal...having plenty of sleep,take frequent meals ,smoothies,dry fruits .
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