2 months old baby

Question: My baby is sleepy than usual since yesterday. Is that a normal pattern? I mean, surprisingly, she is sleeping without much giving much trouble and also today morning she fell asleep again within 10 min after breast feeding. Pls advise

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Answer: Hello dear now its summer season. These days are very lazy. So baby sleeps when she gets normal temperature of room. After bath baby feels sleepy. If you are giving any medicine may be due to medicine baby feeling much sleepy.
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Question: My baby fell from bed today..she cried initially but within 2-3 min she stopped crying. She was sweating and her body was turning little whitish. After 5 min she again started crying andshe was breastfeeding normally. She is sleeping now after taking feed. We dnt see any external wound anything to worry??e
Answer: Dear if the baby got back to normal after sometime abd slept peacefully after breastfeed then it is absolutely fine. If she would have had some i ternal injury she would have vomited after the feed or had got high fever or would have got unconcious. By the grace of god nothing of that sort has taken place which is a good sign. So relax ur baby is doing fine. Hope i helped.
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Question: My baby is 4 months old. Today morning i checked her temperature (armpit) it was 37.7 Celsius. Does that mean she has fever? Her body is hotter than usual though!
Answer: Hi,the normal temperature if the body should be 98.6 beyond that it is constantly to be having temperature .and then you should consult for the medicines. Sometimes the baby us warm even when the baby doesn't have temperature then it is ok in that, nothing to worry..in that case make sure that your baby is wearing single layer of clothing.
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Question: my less than 1 month old baby suddenly had greenish potty today. she is on both breast milk and formula feed. she has also been a bit cranky today with is not her usual seft and has been having difficulty to fall asleep even after feeding. Is anything serious? should i be taking her to the doctor?
Answer: no nothing serious...my baby too had green potty....its normal
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