1 months old baby

Question: My baby is sleeping while am feeding, due to that feeding takes min hour and after 1 hour again he want feeding.this is the tough project for me...please suggest any remedies for this

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Answer: Helo dear ..you need to work on increasing your bm ...Take balanced diet , keep yourself well hydrated and eat more jeera powder ... Roast jeera and store it in air tight container add this in everything daal , sabzi , dahi , chas etc you can have it with water also ... It do wonders in increasing breast milk ...I have also taken in my both the deliveries ...Best of luck 👍
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Question: My brest is paining while feeding the baby please suggest any remedies
Answer: It could be due to engorgement-blocked lactiferous duct due to high production of milk . Continue feeding your baby redularly. Give warm compresses for 2 days. If the symptoms decrease,you dont need to worry. If you notice any lump which is painful,report it to ypur doctor
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Question: My baby needs th bf every hour and then sleeps after few mins sometimes 15 min to 1 hour he sleeps and again wake up and need feed and then ay for 30 min to 1 hour and again cry for sleeping..is this normal
Answer: It's very normal dear. Don't worry. Your baby is 6 months old can start solids dear. So that baby get full stomach and don't get up for feed now and than. You can start with ragi porridge in very small quantity, whatever you give just give two to three spoon in the begining, smashed rice dall veggies, smashed khichadi, veggies pure like carrot spinach pumpkin is good, fruits pure like apple Banana Chicku papaya pear good. You can give smashed dates or streamed dates. Eater after every meal is good for digestion dear. Sippy cups is good dear. Add ghee curd in baby's food. Keep breastfeeding your baby along with solids.
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Question: Hello my baby is 5 and half month old . He is not sleeping well at night. He awakes after every one hour continuously means 5-6 times during night. He is on breastfeed. Takes feed den again sleep. I am also not sleeping the whole night due to this. why he is doing this and not sleeping at night?
Answer: Mam.... i think k usko colic problm hogi, ager baby breastfeed karta hai to aap apne khane pine kheyaal rakho, din mein ek baar baby ko ulta litaya karo 10 mintue k lie .
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