2 months old baby

Question: My baby is sleeping on side.....is that ok?

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Answer: No dear it's not at all good position.. doctor says that baby should sleep on back only because sleeping on tummy or side increase the chances of choking..
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Question: I'm 25 weeks pregnant and I mostly sleep on my right side. I try sleeping on left side but it's not happening. Is it ok sleeping on right?
Answer: Hi.. sleeping on left side is preferred in pregnancy.. bt it is obvious that many women find it difficult as its not possible to sleep on just one side only .. during sleep if u turn to ur right n feel comfortable in that.. than thats not an issue.. bt after few hours u must turn to ur left as well .. best wishes to u.
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Question: I have 10days old baby...he is frequently sleeping on his side...is that ok?
Answer: Hi dear,try to make your baby sleep on his back...and use a pillow or thick cloth to support his head to face the ceiling..so that you won't get other problems like flattened head likewise in the future... Take care of the baby
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Question: When should we start sleeping on left side..is it ok to sleep straight or on your right side?
Answer: Don't slip straight, up to 3 month u can sleep any position, try to sleep maximum time left side, it's good for baby blood circulation
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