2 months old baby

Question: My baby is sleeping more than 3 hours.. Should I wake him up for every 2 hours for breastfeeding??

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Answer: hi dear , usually newborn babies upto 3 months will have more sleep cycles. you can feed for every 2 to 3 hours . more sleeping will increase their development according to their age . so let him sleep for 3 hours and after wake up you can give breastfeed milk.
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Question: Should feed baby every 2 hours or whenever she wake up either more than 5 hours?
Answer: Most babies during the 1st 3 months need to be breast fed every 2-3 hourly. After 3 months their sleep patterns usually gets regularized. So you will be able to guess when they require next feed and can feed them accordingly Since your baby is just 2months, Sometimes baby demands feed after 1and half hour or sometimes after 3hrs. So feed on demand. At this age it is not advisable to leave the baby unfed for more than 3-4hrs because they don't have any body source of energy like adults.
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Question: My baby is not sleeping in day time..and in night he wake up every 2 hour...bt in day time he is sleeping only for 2-3 hours?? What should i do to make him sleep...
Answer: Feed your child well. Your baby is hungry that is why it is not able to sleep . feed your child well a full tummy will make ypur baby automatically sleep .
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Question: Hello, if baby is sleeping continusoly for more than 4/5 ,hours, should we make get him up forcefully
Answer: Hello Am happy to help you Yes. After 3 hours atleast If my answer is helpful please give thumbs up thanks
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