1 months old baby

Question: my baby is sleeping less these days when he is in lap he sleeps when I put him on bed he awakes ?? why he is sleeping less

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Answer: hello.. dear if your baby is sleeping in your laps and awaking on bed means your baby feels that you my mom is not near to me... thats why he is awake.. for this you can sleep with your baby for sometime making skin to skin contact to your baby and also if you have plenty of breast milk then soak your breast milk in clean towel and put near your baby so with that smell it helps to baby sleep.. all the best... enjoy your milestones
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Question: My baby sleeps well on my lap but when i tried make him sleep on bed he wakes up. How to put him sleep easily on bed?
Answer: Hi dear at this age baby do prefer staying in touch with main and to make baby sleep well on cot or bed u can try the swaddle process. That is the best way to make baby comfortable and sleep long when on bed. Do check healofy home oage to get the guidance of how to swaddle baby.
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Question: my child is 6 month old..he awakes at night frequently with rubbing his head..sleeps in lap but when i put him on bed he awakes again and again
Answer: Babies have their own sleeping pattern but these tips can help you. Try them. Feed your baby. Don’t give her/ him so much that she or he is overly full and uncomfortable, but give her/ him enough so that she/ he is satisfied and not hungry before bed. Give her/ him a gentle massage. Before bed, try a short massage. For 10 to 15 minutes, use slow, long strokes and moderate pressure to massage her/ his arms, legs, hands, feet, back, and tummy. Put on a fresh diaper and pajamas. Use a good, thick, nighttime diaper to prevent leaks and unnecessary mid-night changes. Choose soft pajamas made from a breathable fabric. Walking around with her/him in your arms. Rocking her/him gently in a chair or in your arms Singing her/ him a song Playing her/him quiet music. Put her/ him to bed when she/ he is sleepy but still awake. Look for signs of tiredness, such as yawning, heavy eyes, making fists, and eye rubbing. Avoid eye contact at this stage, as it might stimulate her/him and wake him/her up again. Lay her/ him down on her/ his back. Babies should always sleep on their backs, as babies who sleep on their tummies are at an increased risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Soothe your baby with physical contact as you transfer her/ him to bed. Gently lay your hand on her/ him stomach, arms, or head to reassure her/him that you are there and make her/ him feel safe and secure. Turn off the lights or create artificial light. Consider dimming the lights during your pre-bed routine to reduce your baby’s exposure to light before it’s time to sleep.
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Question: My baby is 17 days old and he is not sleeping properly henever I put him on the bed he is awake and when I take it in the lap he sleeps what to do
Answer: I think it's common nature of all babies... don't take baby for long tim when they are sleeping.. train him to sleep in bed or cradle. Create a habit of sleeping in bed
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