3 months old baby

Question: My baby is sleeping in one side therefor her head is flat in that side.how to manage this problem? If there is any problem in future?

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Answer: Make her habit of sleeping on both sides. Once she get flat shape. It will remain like that put pillow besides her head
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Question: My baby boy head seems to be flat spot on the one side.how to correct this?He is 4 moths old now
Answer: hi... this generally happens when the baby sleeps with his head to one side . you can use a small baby pillow which will aid to keep the head in straight position...or an alternative is to keep small bolster( dindu in Tamil) on either sides of the head for support. or alternatively put the baby be traditional saree hammock ( thooli in tamil) press and size the head to round shape while massaging baby before bath
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Question: is that true if the child sleeping put his head one side then her neck will be that side only in future
Answer: Hi ma'am don't worry that is all myths...baby doesnt know all these things...so don't worry don't take stress.. Stay positive and think positive.. Take care.
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Question: Hi my baby head is flat on one side and other is normal does it creats any problem in future for brain development...
Answer: Hello! It should not create a problem. Generally many babies have it. To bring the head in shape ,use mustard pillow. It is available online also and helps to bring a shape of the baby's head. Take care
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