2 months old baby

Question: My baby is sleeping good while on my lap , as soon as i put her on bed or cradle she wakes up. Is there any thing that i can do to continue her sleep?..

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Answer: Hello! Babies sleep well on lap because they get the warmth and comfort there. Try to create the same thing while lying the baby on the bed. Ensure that the bed is not cold, put something warm and then put two side pillows. When you are putting the baby down, ensure the side pillows support the legs properly. Hope this helps. Take care
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Question: My baby is very restless and does not sleep on the bed. She only sleeps on my arms Nd as soon as I put her on the bed she wakes up. Please advice. Thanks
Answer: Hello Chote bacho ko time jagta aap ke schedule pe adjust hone ke liye kuch samay layega. Best thing to do is aap baby ke schedule pe adjust hojaye. It ll take your baby 3 to 6 months to sleep in the night. Aap ko rest ki jarorath hai or u ll get frustrated soon. Ghoosa ya mood swings shuro hoge aur aap ki breast milk ki supply par bhi affect hoga.Hope I helped
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Question: My baby sleeps only on lap, but when we place on the bed, she wakes up. What can we do to make her sleep on bed. ?
Answer: hi dear one of the things you can do to make the baby sleep for long hours on bed is wrap baby tightly in the blanket in such a.way that the baby won't be able to move the limbs. in this posture the baby will sleep for long hours.hope this helps dear
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Question: My baby needs me while sleeping. She sleeps on my arms. If i put her down she wakes up. What to do so that she can continue sleeping..
Answer: Try to keep her on pillow or change sleeping technique with swing r like that. Ones they got habit it will be tough to get rid of it .make her sleep on ur lap and get her on bed like that .try various methods and see .
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