6 months old baby

Question: My baby is showing interest to wards his grandparents he is not looking to wards me...

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Answer: My baby is also doing same thing. Even when he wakes up from sleep he wants to see them and cries untill they hold them. I don't know what to do. Feeling very depressed and neglected. Need suggestions.
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    Rajani Gompa95 days ago

    Ure baby felt so comfort jone with them... Just let ure baby know that ure the most comfort to him

Answer: Hi mam... Spent more nd more time with ure baby nd just hug your baby
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Question: My baby is not showing attention to wards me he is showing more love to his grand parents what should I do
Answer: Hey, spend more time with your baby, while feeding keep a eye contact, talk more, play with baby
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Question: My baby is not showing love towards me he is not even seeing him ..if im trying to make him laugh also he just smiles for a milli seconds...he wants his grandparents..he attracts towards them
Answer: Don't worry. Show lot of affection for him. You try to notice what all things he is attracted to and act accordingly. Interact and entertain him by playing with him, singing with him, dancing with him, telling stories etc etc. Seek his attention. You are a mom. Use your natural talents to keep your child closer and attached towards you. Who else other than a mother could.
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Question: My baby is not at all showing interest in eating any type of food he wont even open his mouth
Answer: Hi! Please dont force the baby to eat, i know and can understand that how difficult it becomes when your baby rejects food and do not want to have anything. 1)Please try and introduce more variety to his platter, he will start accepting real soon. 2)Eat along include him in family meals 3)Dont force or distract feed 4)Encourage him to self feed. Try them his interest towards food will increase. Take care!
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Question: My son is not eating properly he is not showing interest to eat
Answer: Dear at times babies do loose their apatite because of no reason or sometimes due to illness. My daughter stopped eating food when she got overcome with fever. Though she was eating fine when she had fever but stopped after it somehow. A home remedy thag I always use whevever my baby stops eating. Take a lemon put black salt in it and use toothpick to put it inside the lemon now put the lemon on a spoon and heat it till the black salt melts and goes inside the lemon. Now take it off the flame. Make ur child lick it. Trust me it works. Zinc helps in building appetite. Wheat bran, cashew nuts, and pumpkin seeds are good for improving the level of zinc in the body. Try incorporating these into your child's meals or snacks. Check with your child's doctor for zinc supplements as well. Hope it helps.
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