6 months old baby

Question: My baby is shouting a lot .. how to make him control

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Answer: Hi It is very normal at 6 months old baby I mean there is no way that you can control the temper of the six months old baby because he or she won't understand what you want so let the baby be free there is no point in controlling everything from now only show love to ur baby and it wil be fine soon becz they understand everything and are very smart . Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is crying a lot. How can i make him relax? Pls hlp
Answer: Babies cry due to several reasons dear 1.check if the baby feed is not sufficient dear 2.check if baby has any rashes on skin especially private parts dear 3.check touching all body parts to confirm if there is some pain dear 4.check if the skin is very dry if so also babies cry apply good moisturising cream dear 5.check if the place baby sleeps has any problem like mosquito or ant making baby not to sleep because kids deprived of sleep cry a lot dear 6.Some times babies get dreams of which they cry dear just give feed so baby feels secured dear If nothing works please contact doctor dear Take care
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Question: My baby is shouting a lot what's the reason
Answer: He is trying to talk. Encourage it with your voice like same sounds ahhh.. Owww
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Question: my baby is crying a lot after 10th week vaccination..please suggest how to make him feel better
Answer: Hi... take one ice cube with cotton cloth and then put a cloth on his tigh , gently massage then he will feel better. Morning and evening u should give hot water massage with cotton cloth
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Question: My baby don't sleeps in night, crying ,playing, shouting. How to make babies sleep in night.
Answer: Hi dear unfortunately there is no way other than breastfeeding to soothe an active child but the pattern keeps changing you will see a lot of difference in when the baby when he is 1 year old but for now it is tough to handle though it is a phase and it is not going to last forever try to rock and feed the baby to make him fall asleep . Hope this helps
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