1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 23days she has small pimples on cheek is there any remedy

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Answer: That maybe due to exposure to the sun air etc. Every child gets and it will go in some days
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Question: My baby has small pimples on cheek and neck. What is the remedy for this?
Answer: here are the reason for the babies pimples that if you are taking certain medicines while breastfeeding and in some cases baby is reacting to a skin care product . don't Scrub on the baby's pimple . don't watch too much . it will irritate your baby skin . don't put oil lotions on your baby skin . washing baby's face with mild baby soap and water once a day . if the pimple increases you should consult the doctor .
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Question: My baby is getting pimples on face. Is there any remedy? Why the pimples are coming?
Answer: Hi, this is common in newborns. There is nothing to worry about it. However ,it goes away on its own. But try to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Keep changing the bed sheets, wash the toys regularly and also the clothes.
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Question: My son is getting small pimples on his fingers is there any remedy
Answer: Dear please mention your sons age. It needs to be checked by a dermatologist What kind of pimples are you seeing are they fluid filled or blood filled Are they painful. Please tell me.
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