4 months old baby

Question: My baby is r month old. He is not feeding for 3 days. He sucks his hand and tongue. Not breastfeeding. Night he feeds properly. And for past 1 week his poop contain mucus. His poop s greenish yellow. He is on ferrous and folic acid drops. Please help. Should I consult doctor

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Answer: Hello dear! Please as soon as possible consult your doctor these signs are not good
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Question: My 5 months old boy poop is yellow and green mixed, and smelly today. Still breastfeeding alone he s taking. Is this normal??
Answer: Yes it is normal no need to worry.
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Question: My baby s 42 days old , since 2 days his poop s in green color with mucus and he s on mixed feeding- 60% bf nd rest lactogen. Is this to be worried or should i consult pediac?
Answer: some times green stool is because of cold don't worry. u shud take the treatment for cold bt it's not very much necessary almost likely new born diseases goes away by breastfeeding as it contains antibiotic s
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Question: My son,s head was very heat from yesterday. His tongue was also hot. But his leg and hand chill. He is very tired with cry
Answer: Usually babies head is always very hot since brain is like the engine of the body and theirs is still developing. But do check temperature to see if baby has fever. Above 100.4 is considered fever
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