4 months old baby

Question: My baby is put 2 fingers in her mouth.. she is 4 months old.. how can i stop her?

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Answer: Don't stop your baby to putting his fingers in mouth. It means baby is getting ready for soild food. It also improve hand to mouth co ordination. It will gives baby's snoothing effect. You can see the baby's gum are swollen,so they rub the gums by there own fingers.
Answer: Put nailpaint on his fingers it will taste awful and it would cause no harm to your baby too
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Question: Can I put aloevera for my baby fingers to stop putting her fingers inside her mouth. She is 4months baby
Answer: No don't apply aloevera as it might be very cold for the baby.babies do put fingers and it is difficult to manage. Distract her whenever she put fingers by any toy or take her in your arms and talk to them.
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Question: My baby put his fingers in his mouth and sucks,how can i stop him?
Answer: Hello Dear, Distract your child,Give your child plenty of toys with which to play during the day,Keeping your  child busy is the easiest way to distract from sucking his or her fingers.Have a hands-on activity or toy ready for your child if you notice him or her putting a hand or fingers toward the mouth.
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Question: Hi my baby is 4 months old. He is always keeping fingers in his mouth. How to stop him
Answer: I do hope this is not a serious complaint. All babies do this and it's vital to their development. It's neither a phase or a problem. It's what they have to do to learn. Once babies learn to bring their hands and objects to their mouths, they greatly increase their oral motor and touch experiences. you can give them Mouthing toys. it is an important way children learn to control the movements of their jaws and tongues-critical ingredients for chewing and speech. While gumming a teething ring, a child also is learning how to bite hard and bite soft, how to hold things with the jaw, and how to move the tongue separately from the jaw. Where all previous oral experiences have been relatively symmetrical (evenly distributed throughout the mouth), mouthing toys helps children realize they have different parts in their mouths, such as sides, tops, and bottoms. try putting mittens in his hand. it comes in cotton as well as in woolen material. sometimes babies do this when they arew hungry or bored.
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