1 months old baby

Question: My baby is premature what are the precautions to take care of him

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Answer: Keep him warm. Keep him hydrated.give hourly feed ..either direct or in pallada.give vit.D supplement and calcium according to doctors opinion.Give kangaroo mother care
Answer: Put it in heat atmosphere and Kangaroo mother care is best for premature baby because I also do these things
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    SAHAD A.F945 days ago

    Keep him warm.give feed hourly.give kangaroo mother care

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Question: How to take care of premature baby
Answer: im well experienced about premature baby because my first son is premature.. always keep him warm with closing.. give feeds when they demand.. keep the room warm.. give kangaroo mother care.. do check up every month with doctor it will take time to develop dont compare normal weight babies upto 5 months let's wait he will improve himself.. my son is now 4 years he's so active in his schooling
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Question: Hi can anyone suggest me the precautions to take care of my baby during teething
Answer: Hi dear,. Give ur baby frozen banana but you should always supervise her while she eats frozen fruits and vegetables. To avoid choaking..Provide teething rings and other toys for your toddler to gum during times of teething pain. Put these toys in the refrigerator or freezer for a short time to enhance the effect. Do not encourage your child to suck on toys, ..
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Question: My wife delivered a baby boy in 8th month that is premature birth, wt are precautions to take care of his health?
Answer: Hello dear As ur baby is premature baby then u needs special care and attention. So for that u should keep in mind the following things: 1. You need to make sure that you keep your baby at a temperature that is comfortable and safe. 2. You can help your baby develop good 'sleep hygiene' by doing things such as providing a quiet, dimly lit environment at night time 3. For bathing plain water is fine for the first few months of life. This includes at nappy changing - initially you should just use water and soft cotton wool 4. If your baby has dry skin, don't use any kind of moisturising product without asking your doctor
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