1 months old baby

Question: My baby is pre mature baby of 28days.iam not having breast milk,so iam giving lactogen ,my baby vl not burp after feeding. he vl do vomiting, and he vl not increase his weight how to increase his weight

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Answer: Try to make him burp multiple times. Not only after feeding entirely. Once consult Ur doctor if u have just recently introduced lactogen.
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Question: My baby have 2weeks his weight 2.7 kg ..after feeding milk he goes bathroom..how can increase the weight of my baby..iam given my milk only.
Answer: Some babies poop after every feeding and some every three days. It's all normal, Pooping after every feeding is especially common in breastfeeding newborns. When a breastfed baby has a bowel movement after nearly every feeding during the first few weeks, it's a good sign – it means he's getting plenty of milk.
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Question: Iam having one week baby iam not having sufficient breast milk so iam giving lactogen to baby but baby is vomiting. what to do can any body suggest me.
Answer: Take atleast 5 almonds soaked at night. Peel of the almonds skin and eat. This will increase the amount and quality of milk. Can take moderate quantity of garlic. Intake of fish also increases Ur milk production. Allow ur baby to suck Ur breast well even wen u don't have enough milk. Bcz sucking increases breast milk production. Give a warm compression on Ur breast before feeding Ur baby. Take atleast 2_3 glasses of milk and 3-4 litres of water. Avoid coffee and tea intake. Add sprouts in Ur diet.
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Question: Iam not having breast milk for my new born baby..what I will do..?how to increase breast milk
Answer: Have foods like spinach carrot meat nuts eggs oats almonds salmon fish beans lentils milk ridge guard Adding garlic pieces fenugreek seeds sesame seeds in your daily diet chart Drumsticks chia seeds bitter guard helps in production of breast milk If still not increased visit your doctor once
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