4 months old baby

Question: My baby is pooping 2-3 times a day but sometimes not always poop color us green. It may be cause of teething but why is it green

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Answer: That can be various reasons for green colour potty like infection, imbalance between the milk sensitive food of mother. Consult your doctor for the examination and treatment if required. Keep your baby is well hydrated.
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Question: Hi.. my baby is pooping 3 -4 times a day. N color of poop is green.
Answer: Hi, The green poop is nothing to worry about. But if your baby is consistently doing  green poops, there's often a reason for it,  your baby may be gulping a lot of milk at once. Or sensitive to medication that you're taking, such as antibiotics or iron supplements. He may also be sensitive to any medication he's having, or a vaccination he's just had. Your baby may be reacting to something you’ve eaten. See your doctor if your baby has loose, waterystools for 24 hours, or if diarrhea is accompanied by dehydration, vomiting, fever or blood in stool.
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Question: My baby poop color is green, he poop 2-3 times a day,, what is the reason, any problem?
Answer: Hi.. Green stool in a five month old baby is not normal except if you are taking lots of vegetables or you are on medication.. Green stool means baby isn't getting enough feeding and has to be fed from time to time.. so the stool should change colour in few days.
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Question: My baby poop 5 to 6 times a day and it's stool color green and watery is it teething symptoms
Answer: No this is not teething symptom. if you are breastfeeding then dreams to is considered normal and don't worry it will become fine by itself. If you are giving formula milk then you can change that.
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