6 months old baby

Question: My baby is peeing very less now a days. I noticed very tiny amount of orange mucus on his diaper on front side. Is this normal or I should worry about it???

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Answer: U are working mom ya house wife If u are house wife. Plz don't use regular U are going out then only use
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Question: My baby movements are very less now a days. M worried about this. Is it normal.
Answer: Hi,don't worry sometimes it can happen when the babies has less room to move about ,buy you should try this have a juice and lie down fir sometime on the left side,it should help .if there is no improve than consult to your Dr.
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Question: I am having a feeling that very tiny amount of blood clots in my nose..this is happening since 3-4 days..is it normal in pregnancy?
Answer: Hi...few people have reported small blood clots in their nose during pregnancy...it is normal During pregnancy, the hormone fluctuates and there will be a rapid flow of blood ... this applies to the nasal area also ... this is rapid blood flow may rupture the blood vessels inside your nose causing the bleeding ...so this is very normal during pregnancy... If u find the blood, keep your head elevated and breathe though your mouth Dont take much stress... If u find that the amount of blood increase,u have to check up with your doctor...
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Question: I am into 33 weeks of pregnancy. Today i noticed a very little White vaginal discharge. Is it normal to have such discharge or something to worry about?
Answer: Hello..it is normal to have vaginal discharge but if you find it more then should consult your doctor once regarding this issue.happy pregnancy 😊
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