2 months old baby

Question: My baby is passing watery stool on and off wenever he is awake..is this normal?

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Answer: Hi may be baby is having indigestion and it is due to sudden changes in your diet so you should maintain your diet well eat healthy and nutritious diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated and feed baby every two hourly so it will help baby to stay hydrated. Take care
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    Pavithra M540 days ago

    My baby is passing like this from the day of birth..doctor said its normal for newborn..i jus wanna confirm with other moms..but anyway thanks for ur answer..

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Question: my baby is passing green watery stool
Answer: Hello ma'am, Green stool is common for infants . 1) deit - children digestive system function more quickly than adult . Green stool could be the result of eating lots of leafy green vegetables of mother . 2)Digestive Problems 3) Medication And Supplements - baby poo green may turn due to iron supplement and vitamin 4) food poisoning - child’s digestive system is extremely sensitive to a large variety of different food. Treatment :- 1) avoid green vegetables 2) avoid giving cow milk to the child 3) if ur child is allergic reaction u can figure out which food is cause of reaction. Thanku
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Question: My baby got 10 weeks vaccination today and she is passing watery stool since evening.. Is this normal..?
Answer: Hi mam yes it is normal you don't need to worry and it should be alright next day if it continues more than three days you can consult the doctor as of now you don't need to worry and please give more feeding to keep the babies body hydrated and also continue the medicine prescribed by doctor for fever
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Question: My baby is on exclusively breastfed and passing watery or pasty type stool similar to diarrhea in addition to this he is passing stool after every feed . Is it normal?
Answer: As long as you're exclusively breastfeeding, anything with the baby is normal. Passing stool depends on how the baby's digestive system is developing. There's nothing to worry.
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