2 months old baby

Question: My baby is passing urine very frequently...more than 25 times in a day...is it normal....she going motion normal only....??? How times passing urine is normal????

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Answer: Totally normal. If climate is cool, my son passes urine every 5 min also for sometime. Don't worry
Answer: If it is more than 6 times in 24 hrs, it is normal
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Question: Hi my baby girl passing motion more than 7 times a day it is normal
Answer: If due to any food allergies or infection baby might be suffering with indigestion and due to which passing stools don't worry it will settle on its own.. You just take care of babies diet.. And give plenty of fluids. And give foods which are easy to digest such as dal kichadi plain rice fruit.
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Question: My baby urine frequently i.e more than 20 times a day. Is this normal?
Answer: Hello dear Ur baby's wet diapers shows how much feed ur baby is having. If ur baby is passing urine 20 times a day then it means ur baby is getting proper feed. So, don't worry and feed ur baby after every 2 hrs.
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Question: My baby passing urine for more than 15 times a day... Is it normal
Answer: Yes it's normal....as if during winters kids they often pass urine
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