6 months old baby

Question: My 6months baby is passing the stool hard may i know the reason

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Answer: Hi. If you have started wheaning it could be because of that. As in starting baby has weak digestive system which leads tonconstipation some time. So dont worry and massage your babies tummy . It will help.
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    ayushi4 patel64 days ago

    Its dehydrate... when your baby wake up,give a 2 table spoon water... honey water and alasi water best for baby

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Question: My baby doesn't passing urine since in the morning...May i know the reason??
Answer: Hi dear this us not a good sign. Ease consult your Dr at the earliest
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Question: my baby is passing hard stool
Answer: Whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, it’s easy to assume baby is getting enough water due to a primarily liquid diet through mother feed. Give Your Baby “Bicycle Legs” Sometimes making your baby’s body move will help get his bowels moving, too. Try a Different Brand of Formula. If your baby gets formula, sometimes a switch is all it takes to relieve constipation. Every baby reacts differently to the ingredients of each type of formula, so try a few brands. Massage Her Tummy. With lukewarm oil give massage to your baby on her back, place your hand on her belly button. Using a clockwise motion. Give baby a Warm Bath. A warm bath will soothe almost anyone. The thought is that the warm water will help your baby relax, allowing his body to let go of what been holding in.
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Question: Plz can anyone answer my baby is passing hard stool and only once in a day, am worried of that.i don't know the reason plz suggest me
Answer: Hi! Please feed him your milk after short intervals and keep him hydrated also you need to drink plenty of water. If the baby is on Iron supplement inform the Doctor about the hardpoop. Dont worry, he will be alright. Good luck!
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