13 months old baby

Question: Heathly receips my baby is 1years only

2 Answers
Answer: you can look for the app for searching for recipes there are many such. Food items that you can feed are, Rice Apple porridge, rice kheer, Apple kheer, ragi kheer, sabudana kheer, ragi and banana porridge,Apple ragi porridge, ragi pancakes, ragi idli, ragi and nuts porridge, moong daal soup,potato carrot soup, tomato carrot soup, muesli curd, muesli and milk , vegetables soup, sooji banana porridge , sooji Apple porridge, scramble eggs, oats and nuts porridge, Apple oats porridge,milk oats and dates porridge, daliya, Apple daliya porridge, banana daliya porridge, barley kheer, curd oats, plain and veggie khichdi, upma, sooji chilla, veggie appam, sabudana vegetables khichdi, makhana kheer , boiled vegetables with pasta and breads, chicken soup, etc . Apple puree, chikoo puree, papaya puree, carrot puree,pumpkin puree,watermelon, kiwi puree, banana puree, banana with curd,avocado puree, home made flavoured yogurt. Banana shake,dates shake, Apple shake, avocado shake, kiwi shake,chiku shake , Banana kiwi smoothie, avocado Apple smoothie etc.are the options .
Answer: Mera baby boy Hai Jo ki 1 yr complete Karne Wala Hai lekin jabse wo hua Hai wo bahut Kam sota Hai wo har ek ghante Mai almost uth jata Hai nd Rona chalu kar deta Hai since 1 year it's happening don't know Kya karoon coz of this I m not getting proper sleep and rest