13 months old baby

Question: My baby is one yr old .she is dark in colour.suggest me for fair complexion

Answer: Hi! Complexion of the baby is determined by its genes at the time of conception, nothing you do can change your baby's natural complexion. Genetics determine the complexion, more the melanin more darker is the skin. So please dont overstress yourself thinking all this cause if the baby was born fair the skin color will vary with age and time. Good luck!
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Question: Hi my baby is 9days old bt her complexion is dark how I fair her complexion
Answer: You need to accept her complexion and her as she it. Such things don't change. Love her not her colour
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Question: my baby born fair ....but now she is dark.....what to do to improve baby complexion
Answer: Hello dear, baby's skin tone changes during the first year to its real colour. It is due environment. But dont worry baby's colour is mostly depend on genes. Over the six months mostly baby's true skin develop. And if baby is born with fair complexion then baby's colour will be fair. Some may advise to apply ubtan and massage but they do not work. It happens with all babies so dont worry.
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Question: my baby is 1 year old her complexion getting dark day by day how to fair her complexion
Answer: massage the baby with coconut oil. and don't take the baby out in sunlight after oil massage . bath the baby with malai (milk cream) and don't use any soap or wash just use raw milk to bath the baby.
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