13 months old baby

Question: hii. my baby is one year old.since last 2 days she is puking at night while sleeping. what do I do?

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Answer: may be baby has digestion issue. check if she has gas trouble. if you think other problem then go to pedestrian.
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Question: My baby is 14 days old she is not sleeping at night what to do..?
Answer: Its common amongst new born babies. Give your baby sometime to adapt to this new world. Probably after 2months or 3months your baby will start sleeping at night normally. Meanwhile try to train the baby to sleep at night.
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Question: Hu my baby is 5weeks old.since 2days she is not sleeping at night times from 12-5am.she is crying ,cranky.
Answer: Hello dear,could be that the baby is having gas you should try this.you should apply warm mustard boil to the tummy of your baby which will help the baby to bet relief in gas and will also help the baby to bet a sound sleep.yoh can also apply Hing paste to the naval if the baby.thisbwill also help.and breastfeed your baby as breastfeed is the best remedy.
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Question: My baby is one year old, at night during sleeping he keeps feeding what should I do?
Answer: Hi desr as now ur baby is 1 year old then u need to provide heavy dinner to baby to give a sound sleep. i was also very irritated with this as my baby also used to do so but when I started giving heavy dinner with a glass of milk before sleeping ,now my baby take a sound sleep. And don't wake up for feed.
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