13 months old baby

Question: My baby is one year old he is 9 kg.. Problem is that he is weak nd not dring milk properly.every morning when hi wake up his eyes r close with white substance like kichad i use warm warm water then he properly see..i want the reason of this nd solution of all problem which i ask

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Answer: Hello! Kichad in eyes could be due to cold which causes the baby to have it. Watch for a day, if it doesn't reduce consult the doctor. As for milk, some babies cannot take milk due to the smell. Try adding little chocolate horlicks or elachi powder or even you can give smoothies like strawberry smoothie, banana smoothie, mango smoothie. This will help the baby to have milk. Take care
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Question: hi...my son is 1 year old...he used to have sound sleep...wake up only once in night and then in morning....but since 4 5 dqys he is constantly waking up at 5 times...y is this so
Answer: Hi dear mom.. i can understand your concerns. There are several reasons of waking up at night . And hunger is one them,try making him eat before going to bed.. late dinner sometimes helps kids to sleep through out the night.. you can also offer him warm milk before goin to bed.. Other reasons can be that he is teething.. some children feel very cranky and disturbed at night.. Try massaging his legs with oil before sleep.. To give him sound sleep you must not watch TV in the room where he is sleeping and also it should be dark.. hope these things work.. all the best
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Question: Hlo my baby is 11 months old nd he s not tking food properly..i thnk bcz of teeth..but i want solution.
Answer: During teething babies loose apettie. Don't worry dear. Try to feed warm good. It's a universal problem dear. Don't worry. It's just a phase. As they grow they loose interest in food because they will more engaged in exploring other things. Just be patient. Keep trying to give variety of food like soups, pancakes, eggs, fruit smoothie or whatever baby likes. Make habbit of eating with everyone. Child don't listen to us they imitate us. Give food in a plate and let child eat by self. You too eat with baby. Baby will surely copy you. Offer finger foods to baby. Give plenty of warm water. Keep breastfeeding your baby.
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Question: my 5 yr old baby dont eat properly...he became too weak...i dnt see him hungry...is he have any problem?
Answer: Zinc helps in building appetite. Wheat, bran, cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds are good for improving the level of zinc in the body. Try incoporating in ur baby's meals or snacks. Consult the dr for zinc supplement. Try to include more nutritious foods such as nuts dried fruits cheese, avocado. peanuts, garlic, sesame, mushroom, beans, flaxseeds are good source of zinc.
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