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Question: my baby is one year old girl she is not interest in food what will I do

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Answer: Hello Your baby s cranky cos he s hungry at his age breast or formula milk is not enough they need more. You have to start feeding him solid food try taking him out to a park get him to play and eat. Try playing his favorite cartoon or rhyme distract ur baby n start feeding it is difficult but I m sure u ll be successful eventually. U should avoid giving too much of millk or snacks to ur baby as sometimes ur baby is always full so they don't feel like eating much. Fix a time table so u ll be able to kno how much ur baby s eating n how u can get him to eat more and it will be easy for u to plan the activities to distract n feed ur baby.
Answer: your toddler loses interest, or seems tired, cranky or unwell, take the food away. Try to give her in a different way like custard, fruit salad, pooding etc. u can use vaggie like cutlet, veg sandwich, fried vegetables rice etc. Sometimes toddlers want to try new foods if you just keep trying. Make mealtimes a happy, regular and social family occasion – sit together to eat with your toddler whenever possible. Show your toddler how much you enjoy eating the food you’ve prepared. Get your toddler involved in helping to prepare and cook family meals.
Answer: Don't force feed....just try to give in different shapes colours txters of food atlst she might take in na
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Question: My baby have not interest in any type of food... What will i do
Answer: Hi dear, There could be many reason for your baby not eating food. 1) teething- due to painful gum baby is mostly in awful mood and need something comforting like bm/fm most of the time. 2) Anaemia- Usually breastfed baby gave low hb levels as breast milk isn't sufficient to meet baby's iron need. That's why doctor recommend iron drop during first year of baby. Try to include more iron rich foods in baby’s meal plan. 3) Bacterial /viral infection - baby might be having a throat or stom infection which is very common with teething baby as he tries to put every in his mouth anything contaminated can cause infection. Keep his surrounding and toys clean and sterlize. Add heeng to his food to prevent infection. Make him drink water through the day. 4) boredom - like adults baby also gers bored of eating same food everyday. Be experimental and introduce new recipes to him. If you are giving him mashed potato try fried version. Presenting the same food in different method becomes appealing to baby. Hope this helps
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Question: My baby is one year old,she do not show any interest to take formula food .what should i do???Please suggest.
Answer: Hi dear Your baby is old enough to take all the soups and solid foods...she may get bored of eating the same formula milk ..so try to give her some different food and make sure it is home made...It is good to stop formula so that ur baby may show some interest .. U can try some foods like ragi malt , fruit juices or boiled potato and carrot, banana...hope this is helpful
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Question: My baby is one year old she is not taking any food only get fidding . What am i do???
Answer: Same has my baby is one year old she is not taking any food only get feeding what am i do
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