1 months old baby

Question: My baby is one month eleven days old.im having very low milk supply.so i have been giving her similac advance.however she tries to suck inspite of d low milk supply.now for two days she is vomiting thirty forty percent of d formula milk she is given inspite of d fact dat i burp her for at least 10mins.wat can b d cause of d increased vomiting.wat shud i do?

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Question: Hello.. my baby is of 3 months.. she was taking both bottle feed n breast feed .. bt now from last 2 days she is not taking bottle feed... She spits d milk out... I want dat she shud take bottle milk at least 3 times a day... Wat to do...
Answer: Sucking milk from a bottle requires different mouth and tongue movements than breastfeeding, so it may take your baby a little time to get used to the change. Start with a small amount of breastmilk or formula – 30ml to get him used to the nipple Try a slow-flow nipple. ... Let someone else feed him the first bottle. Try to be out of the house. A baby can smell his mother, even from a distance, so he may know that you (and your breasts) are just in the next room. Some babies take to the bottle without much fuss, but others struggle quite a bit with the transition. If your baby is having a hard time, try these techniques: 1) put some breast milk on the nipple. When your baby tastes it, she may start sucking to get more 2) Let your baby play with the nipple so she can familiarize herself with it. If she just chews on it, let her for now. She may actually start sucking on it soon.
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Question: Hello, I hv just given birth to a 06 days old baby girl on 13 June. I'm worried dat she is not taking my milk( breast feed) .. Bcoz of dat I'm giving her formula milk.... Similac. What should I do? She sometimes tries to suck my milk but it seems dat she is not able to suck it properly or my milk is not sufficient for her
Answer: Hello! Sometimes babies are unable to latch properly due to flat or inverted nipples. Try to use a nipple shield . You can also take the help of a lactation expert if you can. Also use a breast pump to stimulate the milk glands to keep on producing more milk. Take care
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Question: My daughter is almost 5 months old frm few days my milk is nt enough for her i tried giving her formula milk bt she is nt drinking dat. wat shud i do she is feeling hungry soon cn i start her solids wat shud i give first
Answer: try feeding as much as u can... or u can go for ragi porridge but u shud nt feed more than half to one spoon in the beginning bcos baby will take time to adjust to solids
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