2 months old baby

Question: My baby is one month and 26 days old.he is facing severe reflux problem for past 25 days. It is a very uncomfortable situation for him since he can not sleep soundly and wakes up for atleast 8-9 hours continuously.I have consulted with my pediatrician regarding this and medicines seem to do nothing.I don't know what to do. Kindly help me.

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Answer: Hi dear reflux issues are very common with the infants and it is for sure that no medicine really help in this situation for A 26 days old baby specifically, I understand what you are going through,having a baby with reflux n colic...it's a phase it gets better after they complete 3-4 months...I was also in your situation ,constantly watching her if he vomits or chokes...try lying down position for feeding at night it helps...hang in there..these few months will pass soon though it looks like a life time away now...Also try to make a safe arrangement where the baby can rest with his head and shoulders raised and higher than the rest of its body.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is suffering from severe cold and cough. Consulted pediatrician and drops are given for 5 days. But still there is no cure
Answer: Hello! New-born babies are more prone to viral infections including common cold and cough because their immune systems are not strong and fully developed yet. Some Home Remedies for your coughing baby 1.Continue breastfeed your baby because breastmilk contains antibodies which help the baby’s body build immunity against germs, viruses and bacteria 2.Dry roast two big cloves of garlic and one tablespoon of ajwain. Once it cools down, place the mixture in a clean muslin cloth to make a tight pouch. Keep the pouch hidden under the baby’s pillow or cot. The aroma from the pouch can help in opening the blocked nose and provide relief from congestion 3.Take about one-fourth cup of warm mustard oil infused with crushed garlic. Massage this oil on the soles of the baby’s feet and chest. A pinch of carom seeds can be added to this too. Mustard oil has a warming effect that helps soothe congestion
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Answer: That's way too long for the baby to suffer. Why don't u change the doctor and check. Or else opt for homeopathic medicine.
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