2 months old baby

Question: My baby is one and half months old... Now we have to go for vaccine which is better pain or painless... Thank you in advance

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Answer: Go for painful because in vaccination pain and fever is good sign. I know being a mother it's very hard to see your child crying in vaccination. I was also confused with the same but my in-laws told to go for painful. Fever ane se impurities bhar nikalti hai.
Answer: I would advise you to go for painless injection..as he is Soo small, advantage of painless is that it dsnt swells much n don't make ur baby cranky otherwise kids cry all night in tht pain which affects there health as well...
Answer: With pain ,.
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Question: Pain or painless baby which one better
Answer: Painless only has one benefit that it will cause less swelling and fever, as well as these symptoms, will not last long and your baby might not be as irritated as he can be in proper vaccination which is painful but it is important to understand that if you give painless vaccination it has less immunogenic intensity as compared to the painful one. So I will advise you to go for a pentavac injection which is painful but has more long-lasting effects as compared to the painless vaccination painless has only one major disadvantage that you might need to get more shots just to reach the required immunity level which you will reach early in just two shots of pentavac givenatn different time intervals
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Question: Painless vaccine n pain vaccine which one more better for baby.
Answer: Hello dear. Painless vaccines do not cause any adverse reactions like pain and fever. However, painless vaccination are one of the recent inventions in the field of immunology. Until now, painless vaccines have only been developed for whooping cough (pertussis) and have been marketed successfully in India as a combination vaccine by the name DaPT. Take care.
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Question: Which vaccine to go for... Painful or painless? Painless vaccine has side effects?
Answer: Don't go for painless vaccine. As it is less immune. Your baby will still be vulnerable to diseases. Go for painful vaccine only. Take fine needle & syringe with you and ask your doctor to use it. Also, docs will ask you to give crocin syrup to baby after vaccine. With it, baby sleeps all the time. So don't worry about the pain.
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