2 months old baby

Question: My baby is on formula feed now hez 2 month old hez drinking more than 900 ml of milk in a day is it ok to feed him how much ever he demands in a day

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Answer: Dear ideally baby should be taking 118ml per feeding and feeding should be 6-7 in 24 hours. So that makes it 826ml during the 24 hours. Your baby is taking around 900 ml which is absolutely fine and there is nothing to be worried. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 2 months old n he completely depends on formula milk so how much formula milk i can give to him in a day
Answer: Hi dear Do not give 2 moths baby formula milk...babies under 6 months are not at all recommended for formula milk as their digestive system is not matuared yet also they may suffer with lack of immunity and nutrient supply... Mothers milk is the one and best source to give baby all nuterients and rich immunity helps for healthy weight gain and growth.. Do feed babies completely with mothers milk till atleast 6 months
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Question: Formula feed baby. How much total ml o of milk should b consumed in a day.
Answer: Hi dear, you doesnt mention your baby's age. Till 6 months a baby should consume 210 ml of milk/ feed. After 6 moths 250 ml per feed and maximum 2 feeds of milk per day till 1.5 years. After six months baby should eat solid food for four times and milk for 2 times/ day for porper growth and development.
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Question: My baby is 3months old and is on formula feed how much ml of milk should my baby drink in a day compulsory
Answer: It may be due to excess heat in the body or temperatures around the baby is high..you may try this to reduce heat in his body soak dry karjoor in water and after soaking it make sue that your baby drinks it..it is one way to reduce heat in baby's body
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