6 months old baby

Question: My baby is on formula feed how much feed how many times aday is advisable

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Answer: Hi Dear! Your 6 montha should be on demand feed means the frequency and the quanitity needs to be decided by the baby and meal shud be offered once in a day, 7-8 times in a day in fine and apart from that it depends on the baby hunger.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby ia 2 month old how many times i should feed my baby in aday or how much gap is required in feeding?
Answer: Hi For every two to three hours you should give milk to your baby ok..if baby in sleep.also you hsve to wakeup your baby and need to give milk ok
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Question: how many times should i feed my 5 month old baby girl.and how many ML.shes on formula feed
Answer: Feed your baby after every 2hrs. Dont give any other thing to eat or drink except mother milk. Mother milk is must. Press like if this information is helpul. Thanks press like
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Question: my baby is drinking formula milk.she is 35 days old..how many times and how much i should feed her??
Answer: Hai. U can give 90 to 120 ml in 4 hours intervals or 30-60 in 2 hours intervals.
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Question: How many times 8 month baby passing urine aday
Answer: Dear during winters the urine is anyways frequent for the babies. It could be once evrry hour as well. Infact my daughter used to pee after every half an hour. If it is not that frequent it could be that ur baby's water intake is less. Hope it helps.
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