2 months old baby

Question: My baby is on cluster feeding. Does it happens everyday?

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Answer: It's a phase dear. It will be changed after some time. Dont worry. Sometimes it happens particularly on a time. All this will change after some time don't worry
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Question: My baby making poty during feeding him rice and moong dal porride everyday,,,does it good or bad?
Answer: Hi, dear,for a few days stop feeding him rice moong Dal ,it looks like it is not suiting the baby Give slow. Feed only rice and see Then only moong Dal to see what is not suiting the baby ideally Dal is very safe to be given to babies but as all babies are different can't say. In the mean while give fruits and fruit puree Suji halwa Stemed rice carrot puree Yeh sab slowly try kar saktey Hain
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Question: my baby is cluster feeding and i run out or low on milk supply during this period. should i supplement with formula during cluster feeding? because she seem frustrated and hungry even after all those feeds
Answer: Hello! Sometimes cluster feeding is not only because of hunger, it also can be due to the comfort level. Try soothing the baby and try to find out what irritates the baby. It could be a stomach pain also. If your baby's pee count is more than 6,then your milk is sufficient for the baby. Take care
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Question: what is baby hiccups?why does it happens. pls explain.
Answer: Yes, baby hiccups in the womb are totally normal. Many pregnant women feel them, and baby hiccups can even be observed on an ultrasound. ... Baby hiccups in the womb feel like little rhythmic movements, and in the beginning they may be hard to distinguish from your baby's kicks.
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