3 months old baby

Question: my baby is on bm n fm both her poop is dark green regular is it okk or nt...cn I consultant doctor or not...

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Answer: its normal and u should take healthy diet and avoid citrus food and fruits like lemon amla guava.
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    hetal kesariya1415 days ago

    tnx dear

Answer: its normal one... dont worry
Answer: consult doctor
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Question: My baby is 4mnth n 22days old her poop is in dark green color i give both bm n fm is it normal
Answer: Hi,no this is not normal as it indicates indigestion or infection .also if the baby takes in too much of milk at a time it forms bubbles in the tummy resulting in the formation of gas Mother s diet plays a very imp.role if the baby is in breast feeding . You should have at least 10-12 glasses of water You should have more if fibrous food like green vegetables Have figs and Pru e juice Papaya and banana Eat something every two hours Avoid caffeine and spicy and oily food You should have adequate fluids this should help to he baby.
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