12 months old baby

Question: My baby is 13month old what are the food good for health now climate winter

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Answer: Hello Here is toddlers weekly diet. Yu can make changes according to yur convenience Monday Breakfast: daliya with kishmish and milk Lunch: lobhia,Rice Evening snack: Banan milkshake Dinner: Vegetable khichdi,Raita Tuesday Breakfast: Dal parantha,milk Lunch: rajma,Rice,Cucumber raita Evening snack: Orange Dinner: Bottle gourd kofta curry,Chapati Wednesday Breakfast: Idli with sambhar,Glass of buttermilk Lunch: Spinach and paneer curry,Chapati Evening snack: Apple Dinner: Pink lentil dal,Cabbage sabzi,Rice/chapati,Curd Thursday Breakfast: Ragi porridge with dates and milk Lunch: chana dal,bhindi,Rice Evening snack: chikoo Dinner: Cauliflower stuffed parantha,Curd Friday Breakfast: Moong dal cheela,Glass of milk Lunch: Vegetable pulao,Pineapple raita Evening snack: Watermelon Dinner: Soya granules curry,Carrot rice Saturday Breakfast: suji upma with beans and carrots,Glass of buttermilk Lunch: Kadhi,Rice Evening snack: Papaya  Dinner: Peas and mushroom gravy,methichapati Sunday Breakfast: Steamed corn with bread,Glass of milk Lunch chhole curry,Rice Evening snack: Grapes  Dinner: Vegetable stew,Appam
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Question: What are the food good at night for my 8month old baby
Answer: hi mam for 8 months baby dinner can be given before 8 p.m. so it helps baby to get good digestion you can either give rice with Dal or you can also try giving milk rice if not you can try giving tiffin like idli uttapam paratha khichdi oats khichdi daliya
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Question: Baby face got redness dhe to winter climate what are the remedies for that???
Answer: It happens due to cold. Do keep ur baby away from cold wind. Also keep indoor. U can apply olive oil to keep the skin moisture. It really help.dear. even it happens to my baby and apply oil really works.
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Question: Hi Dr.my baby 13month old. My questions are what food i give the first morning?baby was very week
Answer: Hello dear. Actually the appetite of your baby will vary depending on his or her level of activity. The approximate estimation of the quantity of food your baby needs each day would include Up to half a cup of cereal, Up to half a cup of vegetables, Up to half a cup of fruits, Up to 3 tbsp of dairy, Up to half a cup of mixed cereals, and Up to 4 tbsp of meat or other proteins. DIET CHART Dear ur baby's day should always start with the breastmilk or formula milk. After that in breakfast you can give options like healthy cereal, Ragi dosa banana pancake, regular dosa, egg yolk on toast, broken wheat porridge, paneer bhurji sandwitch. Morning snack should be given at 11am and in that you can give Apple, banana, sweet potato wedges, papaya, pear, rusk or biscuits, melon. In Lunch options like curd rice with veges, broken wheat khichdi, chapati with daal or other gravy, rice with fish curry, Idli Sambhar and stuffed paratha can be given. In Dinner options like veges soup with toast, dosa with sambhar, paratha with daal, vegetable pulao with curd, rice and gravy, chapathi with paneer gravy and baked veges with mashed potato. At the end of the day make ur baby sleep with ur breastmilk feed or formula milk feed. Hope it helps.
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