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Question: Hii frndz my baby is 11 mnths old...we are plan to go gao after 1 mnth for celebrte 1 st bday of my baby...is it easy to handle 1 yr old baby at outer place or not.?.sugesst me..

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Answer: Hi Kavya... Yes u can manage Ur baby so don't worry n go ahead n make his 1st bday memorable... Jus remember to follow baby's usual daily pattern lik sleep n food pattern even on vacation den baby vil feel comfortable! Plan Ur daily schedule according to Ur baby's schedule! I have been traveling with my baby from his 3 month n I have never faced any prob till now!
Answer: thanks
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Question: Hi.. my baby is 1 yr 2 mnths old.. past 1 mnth she is having her food properly .. could u plz suggest me any syrup
Answer: Hie We'll try engaging your babys with rhymes or colourful toys that would help feed the baby easily When I faced the same problem I got a few puppets at home that kept him engaged as well as encouraged to eat as well For medicine you could try zinc supplements syrup Consult your pediatrician regarding same
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Question: hii my baby is 1 yr 2 months old how to stop breast feeding
Answer: It take time to stop bm. You can not stop it immediately. Some tips to control bm. # skip one feed daily. Feed your baby solid food when he or she feel hunger. # replace the bm with fm or cow milk ( cow milk after 1 year). # mostly babies feed before sleep. So try to make baby sleep with walk. # some women put cabbage leave direct over breast. You can try this. # make the baby busy with other activities. Because when baby busy in game and activity they forget hunger.
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Question: Hii moms.. Can i give 1 egg daily to my 8 mnths old baby??
Answer: Hello dear... Eggs are rich source of protein,needed for baby development,you can give yolk now,but give white part after one year,and you can give one egg daily after one year,will helps in increasing immunity power and it also protect against cold
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