3 months old baby

Question: my baby is 3mnth 5days old..she is on breastfeeding..is it safe to take i-pill on emergency while breastfeeding?

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Answer: Most methods of birth control are safeduring breastfeeding, but methods that contain estrogen can lower your milk production. ... Progesterone, which increases during breastfeeding, actually boosts milk production. So a progesterone-only pill (also called the mini pill) is a better choice for nursing moms.
Answer: Don't take I pill they really mess up ur hormone system.. Better take some different precautions..
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Question: Is it safe to take emergency pill while breastfeeding??
Answer: Hi I will not suggest u to go for this regularly as it will affect ur period cycle and ovulation. I really faced a hard time when I used 3 times in just two months .so having it during breastfeeding is fine. But do make sure to avoid it at max. Use protection while having sex
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Question: Is emergency contraceptive pill safe while breastfeeding?
Answer: Hie You should avoid contraceptive during pregnancy If you are breastfeeding your baby 7-8 times a day then you won't be needing it as well
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Question: Is it safe to take i-pill while breastfeeding?
Answer: No dear, If you are a breastfeeding mother, it will affect your baby health.
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Question: Can I take emergency contraceptive pill while breastfeeding? it's a safe or not
Answer: Hi dear,u can use it ...it will not effect ur quality or quantity of milk..But consult with doctor once to choose d right8 one...
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