4 months old baby

Question: hii..my baby is 3months 16days old..she is feeding formula milk quantity is 60ml, time gaping 2 or 3hrs..her weight is 5kg.m so worried for her growth...plz advise

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Answer: It's a very good growth dear, don't worry..My 5 month baby's weight is 7 kg...
Answer: 5kgs for 3 n half month baby s normal weight. Nothing to worry.
Answer: Try to increase her milk Quantity.. Do it 90 ml
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Question: My baby is 1 month 6 days old & she didn't reach till after deliver time weight I feeding her between 2-3hrs gap but her weight didn't gain?
Answer: Feed your baby at every two hours for 20mins each breast. This will ensure that baby gets hindmilk which contains calories and fats which is responsible for weight gain in baby.
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Question: hii.. no matr i wake up my baby once in 2hrs or 3 hrs she takes only 60ml of formula... she has low wght.. shld i wake her up once in 2hrs to increase the number of feeding nd the quantity of milk intake per day rshld i make to sleep for 3hrs to increase her wght
Answer: Please consult pediatrician in this case . My baby is 3.5months and she mostly takes 60ml of formula..
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Question: My baby is 4 months old she drinks 60ml formula milk. So how many times should i fed her.
Answer: On the packet of formula milk all instructions is given on it. You should read it carefully
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